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We are happy to announce that we've added a spirit wear page to the left of the website.  Feel free to take a look and place your orders 

Rebel Board

Our Misson

For each of our Players, Coaches, Board Members, and Parents to become better in their unique roles within our organization, always lead by example and keep the line of communication open.

Players – Must be leaders on and off the fields, be a great team mate, and be respectful to coaches, players, and parents. Become known as someone that others follow thought her actions, as a fundamentally sound player that always shows outstanding sportsmanship and always practices or plays in a game as if it were her last.

Coaches – will teach; mentor and coach every athlete in our fundamental values. They will focus on each individual athlete and prepare them to move to the next level in their career and life.  They will always showing outstanding sportsmanship and remembering that mentors, teacher and leaders first.

Board Members – To always lead and guide the organization with integrity, never allow any individual to be bigger than the organization. Willing to make the tough decisions based on our vision for the good of the athletes, the organization and the game.

Parents – Always support your athlete, their team mates, coaches and our organization with positive attitude.  Your actions during practices, games, and in public can determent if you hurt or help our athletes.  Remember to always show outstanding sportsmanship, be a fan first, a parent second, and a coach last. Enjoy the youth of your athlete as time goes by too fast and then they are gone.

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Our 2017 Commitments

Ashley Dixon commits to Webber International University


Ashley Dixon, 2017 Graduate  (Apopka HIgh School), has hit a home run to NAIA Webber. 



Kearston Eberhardt Isabella Morales and Reece Wilson commits to Broward College


Kearston, Isbella "Izzy" and Reece have committed to Broward State College.Kearston Eberhardt (Space Coast High School) and Reece Wilson (Merritt Island High School), Isbella "Izzy" Morales (Master's Academy) 2017s Graduate on the Future Rebels Showcase team, has hit a homerun to Broward College! 

Siarra Navarro commits to Santa Fe College

Siarra Navarro, 2018 Graduate (Lake Brantley High School), Siarra has verbally committed to Santa Fe College!

Holly Weaver commits to serve in the United States Navy

Holly Weaver, 2017 Graduate of University High School, took her oath today, November 10, 2016 to serve her country as part of the US Navy.  Holly will be shipping out on June 14, 2017.  Thank you Holly for your commitment to serve our country!  We are very proud of you!

Ashley Becker commits to Alabama State University

Ashley Becker, 2018 Graduate  (New Smyrna Beach High School), Ashley has verbally committed to Division I Alabama State University. Way to go Ashley!

Cece Phelan commits to Suffolk University

2017 Cece Phelan (Lake Brantley High School) has committed to Division III Suffolk University in Boston, MA.  Way to go Cece!

McKenzie Tracy commits to Alabama State University

2018 McKenzie Tracy (Apopka High School) has verbally committed to Division 1 Alabama State University!  Way to go McKenzie!!

2017 season

Hello everyone. After more than a year of running the Rebels I've realized that I can't do it right from a coaching standpoint and a management perspective. I just don't have the time anymore. With that being said I'm glad to welcome back Coach Todd Verkennes to the Rebels! Todd will be the head coach of the Rebels going forward and will be in charge of practices and all game coaching. I will stay on running the finance part and helping with recruiting but all softball on the field items will be handled by Todd. We are going to continue pushing for new schools for recruiting and working with kids to help them live out their dream of playing in college by trying to find the best school for each girl.


More to come on this at the parent meeting. 


Welcome back Coach Todd!!